5 Best Essential Oils For Menstruation

How To Use Essential Oils For Menstruation

It’s good to know which essential oils will help the most with PMS symptoms, but without knowing how to correctly administer the oils, it would be impossible to actually enjoy the benefits that they can provide. There are a few different ways to use essential oils for menstruation, and they are:

1. Add Them To Your Baths

A quick and easy way to make use of an essential oil is to add a few drops to your bath water. The aromas will ignite when they come in contact with the hot water, allowing you to completely relax whilst they work their magic. You only need a few drops to feel the benefits.

2. Use An Aroma Diffuser

Making use of an aroma diffuser is one of the best ways to benefit from essential oils, because the aroma is spread throughout the entire room constantly, allowing you to reap the benefits of the oils while you continue doing what you would normally be doing. If you don’t have access to a diffuser, then you can simply go ahead and breath in the oils from either the bottle, or your bare hands. The premise is still the same, and the effects are still as strong, but a diffuser would still be the best choice.

3. Massage Them Into Your Skin

One of the most effective ways of administering essential oils for pain relief is to massage them directly into the affected are, which in this case is the lower abdomen. Essential oils are pretty tough to massage into the skin directly, so we always recommend that you mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with a regular massage oil or cream before applying it to the skin. Research has shown that massaging essential oils into a painful area of the body can help reduce pain by up to 50%, and the benefits are typically felt within a few minutes.


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