Drop 5 Pounds In A Week Safely

How to drop 5 pounds in a week safely!

A lot of people are trying to lose the weight they gained throughout the holiday eating fest.

That’s why in this post you will learn a very effective diet plan that you can use to help you shed the excess pounds.

There will be 3 main steps to help you lose up to 5 pounds safely, in just one week .

Step 1: Your diet

This will be an easy to follow diet plan that will help you to get quick results. This diet will provide you with the necessary nutrients to keep you going throughout the day without feeling starved.

The diet rules

There’ll be several food options that available to you so you can mix up your choices to get a range of nutrients.

Just choose one for breakfast, lunch and dinner and alternate as you see fit.

Note: Drink at least one glass of skim milk a day as studies are showing that low-fat dairy products eaten as part of a lower calorie diet will help to speed up weight-loss.

It’s especially effective for burning fat from around your waistline. So for those of you who want to get that sexy tiny waist, try to add this to your diet.

Make sure to avoid alcohol as this will just slow down your results.

  • You can get blueberries and add it to oatmeal porridge. Use low-fat skim like to mix.
  • Oatmeal topped off with banana and yogurt. Make sure that it’s low-fat Greek yogurt.
  • Toast and scrambled eggs with chopped up tomatoes.
    Whole grain cereal with berries. Get shredded wheat and use skim milk to sweeten with 2 handful of strawberries.
  • Low-fat unsweetened peanut butter on toasted wheat bread, using diced up bananas to top it off.
  • 1 slice of toasted wheat bread spread with 2 tbsp of low-fat cotton cheese and slices of cucumber.
  • Bran flakes topped off with fresh blueberries and almonds.
  • Use low fat skim milk to mix.
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