8 Outstanding Symptoms of Kidney Failure You Need To Control Them

6. A metallic taste in the mouth

Due to the excess waste in the body and the malfunction of the kidneys, you may experience a metallic taste in the mouth as well as bad breath.

7. Lower back pain

The kidneys are located in the lower back area of our body, so any kind of problems with them can cause low back pain which doesn’t go away quickly.

8. Nausea, dizziness, loss of focus

Due to the red blood cell count in cases of kidney failure, you might experience anemia, a blood disorder which can cause loss of focus due to the lack of blood supply to the brain. Kidney failure patients might also suffer from the inability to remember things, nausea and dizziness as well.

Acute renal failure is a disease which often goes unnoticed or is misdiagnosed due to the symptoms which resemble different diseases and conditions. This is why it’s important to detect the symptoms on time and act accordingly in order to prevent serious health complications. If you’re suspicious of it, your doctor can order blood and urine tests which can detect any problems with your kidneys. Sometimes, the doctor might order renal biopsy or an abdominal ultrasound in order to identify the culprit. Whatever the reason, you need to treat acute kidney failure as quickly as you can in order to keep your kidneys working.

Acute renal failure often comes as a secondary disease associated with infections and surgeries or a serious injury to the kidneys. In these cases, unless the blood flow is severely affected, the disease is reversible. The treatment may last for a longer period until the kidneys are working properly once more. The disease may also be caused by reduced filtration due to an obstructive condition which doesn’t allow the filtrate to be eliminated. Chronic infections, aging, high blood pressure, diabetes, bladder infections, renal and hepatic base problems and immunological problems may also lead to the development of acute renal failure. This is why it’s important to pay more attention to the health of your kidneys and keep them clean and healthy at all times.


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