8 Outstanding Symptoms of Kidney Failure You Need To Control Them

Outstanding symptoms of kidney failure you need to control them!

Do you know what acute kidney failure is? This serious kidney disease occurs when the kidneys aren’t able to filter blood properly, which results in the accumulation of chemicals and toxic residue in them which can have fatal consequences. The kidneys are the main filtration organ in the body and are responsible for filtering 4-5 l. of blood every 5 minutes. They work non-stop and keep the body clean of toxins and chemicals. It’s safe to say that the kidneys are among the most important organs in the human body and should be kept clean and healthy at all times.

However, we all lead an unhealthy lifestyle nowadays and eat awful foods which are straining the kidneys too much and poisoning our body. This is why it’s important to learn the early signs of kidney failure so you can act on time and prevent bigger health problems.

Here are the 8 main signs of kidney failure:

1. Swelling and inflammation

The accumulation of fluids in your body and chemicals and toxins in the kidneys may cause swelling in the legs and feet as well as inflammation. This is one of the earliest signs of kidney dysfunction\failure and should be addressed as soon as possible in order to prevent further complications.

2. Changes in the urinary cycle

Any kind of change in your urinary cycle (frequency, color, texture or smell of the urine) may indicate some kind of problem with your kidneys. If you have trouble urinating, your urine smells bad and has changed its color or texture and there’s pressure or pain when urinating, you need to visit a doctor.

3. Skin rashes

The accumulation of waste and toxins in the kidneys will cause itchy rashes on the skin. If you’ve noticed this symptom and creams and lotions don’t help, we urge you to visit a doctor.

4. Fatigue

Besides filtering blood, the kidneys produce an essential hormone known as EPO which regulates the production of red blood cells. However, when their function is impaired, the organ won’t be able to produce enough of the hormone, resulting in the decrease of red blood cells and fatigue. If you’re feeling tired for no reason and it’s accompanied by urine changes and dizziness, you may want to visit a doctor.

5. Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is one of the most overlooked symptoms of kidney failure and one of the most common ones as well. It occurs due to the reduced red blood cell count, which leaves our cells and tissues with low levels of oxygen and leads to the symptom.

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