No You Are not Fat, Your Stomach is Bloated & Here’s How to Get Rid Of It

Your are not fat… your stomach is bloated and how to get rid of it… Simple ways…

Bloating has become a normal issue for most of people which should not wonder us as majority of people are on poor diets, daily meds, and then they are exposed to a wide range of pollutants and high levels of stress.

According to many experts bloating is in fact trapped gas inside the stomach. This is not actual fat mass, but a temporary condition caused by air getting stuck around the stomach making your stomach to seem bigger on the outside.

Here are the most common cases of bloating:


This means that your bowel movements are not normal and very difficult to occur, and because of that the gas is being trapped behind the feces. You can solve this issue by a simple increase of fiber alimentation. You can try to increase the consumption of whole grain bread, smoothies, berries, but have in mind not to overdo it.

Fast eating

It is a fact that the faster you eat the faster your hunger is satisfied, but the brain is not aware that your stomach is being filled up, and you go on eating more than it is supposed to. Your body ends with excess calories which cannot get burned by the body and as a result of that are being stored as fat, leading to weight gain. For that reason, try to eat your meals slowly.

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